Technical Program Topics

2022 Geothermal Rising Conference Technical Program

The 2022 Geothermal Rising Conference Planning Committee’s technical team is pleased to announce this year’s technical panel and session topics!

Technical Panels:

Technical Sessions:

  • Cascading Geothermal Resource Utilization: Towards Cleaner, Cheaper, and Community-Driven Energy Development
  • Conversation with the Oilfield Industry
  • Country and Regional Updates
  • Critical Improvements in Closed-Loop Geothermal Technology - What's Next?
  • Decarbonizing Existing Oil and Gas Field via EGS and Direct Use
  • Deeper and Hotter: Towards Production from Superhot Resources
  • Design Improvements to Geothermal Power Plants
  • District Heating & Direct Use: Feasibility to Implementation
  • Downhole Instrumentation
  • Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS): Developments and Applications
  • Financing and Investment in Geothermal Energy
  • FORGE Activities, Progress & Plans
  • Geological, Geochemical, and Geophysical Investigations of Hot Springs, Travertine, and Sinter
  • Geomechanics of Geothermal
  • Geophysics in Geothermal Exploration and Monitoring
  • Geothermal Co-Production: Real Cases, Technologies and Innovation
  • Geothermal Drilling Technologies
  • Geothermal Education: Training the Workforce
  • Geothermal Energy from Sedimentary Basins, Reservoir Management and Risk Mitigation
  • Geothermal Fluid Management
  • Geothermal Heat Pumps: Latest Tech & Market Development
  • Geothermal Hybrids
  • Geothermal Resource Exploration
  • Increasing Value and Reducing Cost of Non-Condensable Gas in Geothermal Plants
  • Integrated Geothermal Systems
  • Latest Technologies and Case Studies for Lithium Recovery from Geothermal Brines
  • Machine Learning in Geothermal Development
  • Materials for Geothermal Wells
  • Modern Seismic Methods for Exploration & Resource Assessment
  • Monitoring Geothermal Systems
  • New Technical Standards in Geothermal Energy: Keeping Your Project within Budget
  • Overcoming Non-Technical Hurdles in Geothermal Development
  • Proactive Risk Mitigation in Geothermal Projects
  • Recent Advances in Technology and Applications of Thermal Energy Storage
  • Scale and Corrosion Inhibition in Geothermal Applications
  • Scaling Closed-Loop Geothermal for Market Impact
  • Stimulation Technologies for Geothermal Energy Development
  • Techno-Economic Modeling for Geothermal Assessment and Planning
  • Thermal Energy Networks
  • Validating Integrated Geoscience Interpretations Using Modeling and Well Data
  • What Can Closed Loop Geothermal Learn From Other Power Technologies

The technical program schedule will be announced in the coming weeks.