Workshop 2: Geothermal - Leveraging oil and gas experiences to accelerate conventional and unconventional geothermal exploration and development

Separate registration required

Date/Time: Saturday, August 27, 2022 - 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Track: Workshop
Room: Naples 3-4
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The oil and gas workforce has complimentary skill sets which can be used to accelerate exploring for and developing both conventional and unconventional geothermal resources. The skills and toolsets developed during the shale boom coupled with conventional oil and gas execution knowledge and experience can contribute to widening the depth and breath of the geothermal energy extraction impact as a complimentary resource to lower the carbon footprint .

This workshop will cover a wide range of topics focused on subsurface comparison of conventional, unconventional geothermal and oil and gas, through commercialization and policy. The format will be 60-minute topic focused segments that include discussion and audience interactions. This time is meant to stimulate discussion from all disciplines to continue to expose the synergies between the petroleum and geothermal industries from an individual contributor no matter the discipline to adding another lever for energy development.

What will be covered:

  • Exploration and Resource Identification
  • Use of oil and gas data/collaboration with oil and gas to get ahead of the drill bit
  • Project development/D&C; Geothermal vs O&G
  • Supply chain 
  • Finance models
  • Commercialization
  • Policy

Participating Organizations:

  • Baseload Capital
  • Chevron New Ventures
  • Core Knowledge
  • Criterion Energy Partners
  • JRG
  • NCS Multistage
  • Petrolern

Additional organizations invited. 

Agenda and Speakers

Workshop Kick-Off

  • Danny Rehg, Criterion Energy Partners
  • Jeff King, NCS Multistate

Exploration and Resource Identification

  • Patrick Hanson, JRG 
  • Denise Knight, Criterion Energy Partners 
  • Amelia Letvin, Baseload Power

Use of oil and gas data/collaboration with oil and gas to get ahead of the drill bit

  • Joe Batir, JRG 

Project development/D&C; Geothermal vs O&G

  • Will Pettitt, Baker Hughes 
  • Jeff Toedter, Criterion Energy Partners 
  • Mona Desai, Baker Hughes

Topical Discussions: Supply chain, Finance models, Commercialization, Policy

  • Nick Cestari, Core Knowledge 
  • Bridget Silva, Criterion Energy Partners
  • Sean Marshall, Criterion Energy Partners 
  • Kristina Hagstrom Ilievska, Baseload Capital 
  • Jesper Jolma, Baseload Capital 

Separate registration required. Cost is $550 per person and includes workshop, meals, breaks and workshop reception.