Technical Panel 1: Technology Transfer from O&G to Geothermal

Date/Time: Monday, August 29, 2022 - 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Track: Technical Panel
Room: Tuscany 7-8
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The purpose of this panel is to explore the various forms of technology that offer acceleration/advancement in the geothermal field.  The content will expand beyond the obvious “hard tech” (like new drill bits & techniques) to “soft-tech”: subsurface data, modeling like basin, reservoir, drilling, seismic, and fluids while also discussing the transference of people/experiences/techniques.  Our desire will be to touch on the obvious but move past it to some of the under-appreciated wildcards (IoT for monitoring, AI/ML, "big data) that could move the needle.

Moderator Name: Malcolm Ross, Rice University & the University of Texas


  • Craig Nicol, Net Zero Technology Centre
  • Ghazal Izadi, Geothermic Solution
  • Kirsten Marcia, Deep Earth Energy Production
  • Alexander Richter, Innargi & Thinkgeoenergy

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