Policy Committee Plenary Panel

Date/Time: Monday, August 29, 2022 - 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Track: Plenary Session
Room: Capri Ballroom
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Join Geothermal Rising's Policy Committee for this insightful discussion. During this session, conference participants will hear from members of congress regarding their visions of current policies and future legislation impacting the geothermal community. 

In addition, the committee has brought teogher several segments of the geothermal community, both high and low tempearature technologies, to discuss the policy and non-technical hurdles of the various different segments of geothermal technologies. While there are technical and engineering challenges, we aim to keep the scope of this panel focused on policy and non-technical hurdles. Ask yourself how your segment of geothermal technologies benefit from new or improved government policies, regulations, grant programs, tax subsidies, or finance mechanisms.

Panel Participants: 

  • Bryant Jones (Moderator & Energy Policy)
  • Ryan Dougherty (Ground Source Heat Pumps)
  • Jesper Jolma (Investment)
  • Zeyneb Magavi (Direct Thermal Use)
  • Sean Marshall (EGS)
  • Ajit Menon (Services and Technology Provider)
  • Lorenzo Trimble (Government)
  • Robin Zuza (Power)